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Campground Spotlight - Cimarron

You do not need to bring a horse to enjoy Cimarron Campground (located in Carson National Forest, New Mexico), but horses are certainly welcome and there are miles and miles of open space in which to ride.

This picturesque area feels like you are on top of the world with an elevation of 9300 ft. Spruce, aspen and fir trees create a shady cool atmosphere. Often elk, deer, big horn sheep and antelope are roaming about as well as many other large and small animals. Many like to fish on the Comanche Creek, Rio Pueblo or at the nearby Shuree Pond.

Drinking water is available for use and vault toilets are scattered throughout. The campground has picnic tables and fire pits at each of the 36 camp sites including 9 horse stalls. Reservations can be made at if you want to ensure your favorite spot, but there is always plenty of room if you choose to just drive up. Come and enjoy a quiet getaway in the cool mountain air.

More information is available on Cimarron's page.



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