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East Sullivan Campground



The Colville National Forest is located in northeast Washington, bordered to the north by British Columbia, Canada, and to the east by Idaho.

The forested mountain and lakes of the Inland Empire make a visit to the region an unforgettable experience. The Selkirk and Kettle mountain ranges frame this vast region of lakes, rivers and valleys. The Forest is located within a two-hour drive of the Spokane, Washington and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho metropolitan areas.

The Forest provides good habitat for a variety of wildlife species. Woodland and aquatic habitat exists for wildlife species including moose, deer, black and grizzly bear, woodland caribou, osprey, eagles and a multitude of other forest and water-dependent wildlife. Fishing is a major attraction in the Forest’s many streams and lakes.

Temperatures during the summer are relatively mild, averaging from 60º to 85º F during the day. Nighttime temperatures average about 55º F. Spring weather (through the month of June) is often cool and rainy. Warmer, drier weather typically arrives in early to mid-July. Late July, August and September are usually warm, often sunny and are typically the driest months of the year.

Bears and cougars are present on the Colville National Forest. You can see some tips on how to stay safe on our blog: Bear Safety  Mountain Lion Safety

For more information, visit the Forest Service website.

Newport Ranger District

Browns Lake
Browns Lake Campground
Panhandle Campground sign.jpeg
Panhandle Campground
Pioneer Park Campground
Pioneer Park Campground
South Skookum by Austin Smith
 South Skookum Lake Campground

Sullivan Lake Ranger District

East Sullivan by Ryry Bishop
East Sullivan Campground
East Sullivan IMG-3195.jpg
East Sullivan Kayak & Paddleboard Rentals
Edgewater Campground Entrance Sign
Edgewater Campground
Mill Pond Campground
Mill Pond Campground
Noisy Creek 20210716_092817.jpg
Noisy Creek Campground
West Sullivan Resized_IMG_0866.jpg
West Sullivan Campground

Three Rivers Ranger District

Gillette 20210716_092728.jpg
Gillette Campground
Lake Gillette 189.jpg
Lake Gillette Campground
Lake Leo Resized_IMG_0879.jpg
Lake Leo Campground
Lake Thomas179.jpg
Lake Thomas Campground
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