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Sam Owen. Photo by Mike Hynes


Photo by Mike Hynes

The forested mountains and lakes of the Inland Empire make a visit to the region and the Idaho Panhandle National Forests (IPNF) an unforgettable experience. The Selkirk, Cabinet and Coeur d’Alene Mountain ranges frame this vast region of lakes, rivers and valleys. The communities in this region are mostly rural and industries includes recreation, tourism, agriculture, timber and mining.

Recreation opportunities include camping, sight-seeing, hiking, boating, rafting, fishing, biking, picnicking, swimming, horseback riding, OHV riding and hunting. Foraging for forest products such as huckleberries and mushrooms are also popular. Several destination biking “rails-to-trails” adventures are in the area including the Hiawatha and the Trail of the Coeur d’Alene’s.

Wildlife includes moose, deer, elk, black and Grizzly bear, wolf, cougar, osprey, eagles and a multitude of other bird and small animal species. There is habitat for the woodland caribou near the Canadian border and several animals are known to migrate between Canada, Idaho and Washington.

Summer daytime temperatures typically range from the mid-80’s to mid-90’s F with nighttime temperatures dropping into the 60’s F. Autumn temperatures are cool with frost likely by mid-September. The average rainfall for the months of May through September is 8 inches. Mid-July through September are typically the driest months.

Bears and mountain lions are present on the Idaho Panhandle National Forests. You can see some tips on how to stay safe here: Bear Safety  Mountain Lion Safety

For more information, visit the Forest Service website.

Coeur d’Alene Complex

Beauty Creek Campground - This is where the fairy folk live by M. Wyldshade
Beauty Creek Campground
Bell Bay
Bell Bay Campground
Mokins Bay Campground
Mokins Bay Campground

Coeur d’Alene River Complex

CDAR Complex
Berlin Flats Campground Entrance
Berlin Flats Campground
Big Hank Campground by Erin Kemper
Big Hank Campground
Bumblebee Campground
Devils Elbow Site 3
Devil's Elbow Campground
Honeysuckle Entry Sign
Honeysuckle Campground
Kit Price Site A005 - Sandy Davis.jpeg
Kit Price Campground
Shoshone Dump Station Water Fill Up
Shoshone RV Dump Station

Priest Lake Complex

Beaver Creek Campground
Beaver Creek Campground
Luby Bay image_50372609.JPG
Luby Bay Campground
Wildflowers at Osprey Campground
Osprey Campground
Outlet Campground
Reeder Bay Campground
Reeder Bay Campground

Sam Owen Complex

Sam Owen Campground. Photo by Nick Mckenzie
Sam Owen Campground
Sam Owen by Mike Hynes.jpg
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