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Campground Spotlight - Beaver Creek

Priest Lake is an area in Idaho many people do not know about. Beaver Creek Campground is majestic & beautiful with a backdrop of the Selkirk Mountains & Priest Lake. The beach at Beaver Creek is very popular because of the sand & the very warm water.

Many hiking trails are available for the families & exploring the beautiful flowers of many varieties, all the plants, and sometimes wildlife.

Beaver Creek has a very dense forest of many varieties of trees, beautiful cedars, aspen, pine, cottonwood, poplars & hemlock. The campsites are nestled in many of these trees making many of them very secluded & shady.

Beaver Creek is a beautiful campground to spend time at & make memories with friends & families.

Reservations open 6 months in advance, so July is now becoming available to reserve. Spots can go quick, so head over to to save your campsite. There is also a group site that is currently available to be reserved throughout the summer.

You can learn more on Beaver Creek's page on our website.



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